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Why Choose Us?

After a series of health scares and set backs, I made a promise to my family to become the healthiest and happiest me I could be. After an extensive and interesting conversation with a close friend about essential oils and their benefits, I decided to look more into these "essential oils" and see how I could begin to utilize them to enhance and support my wellness journey. I dedicated myself to learning all about essential oils and their amazing benefits and how they could be used in creating a healthier, toxic-free, chemical-free environment for my myself and my family. I searched out the purest therapeutic grade essential oils and organic materials to begin crafting homemade bath, beauty, natural remedy and household products to replace the toxic, chemical-laden items in my home.

After several months of experiencing first hand the benefits of using essential oils in my handcrafted, homemade products, I began sharing samples with my family, neighbors, friends. They loved the purity of the products and were amazed at how well the products worked! They encouraged me to open up a little business and share these organic products with others.  And - that is how Bee Happy Essentials was born!

My products are all handcrafted in small batches to ensure purity and freshness.  I only use high quality organic butters, carrier oils, essential oils and natural materials in crafting my products. 

Taking care yourself, emotionally and physically, is the most important thing you can do to say well, balanced and healthy. So ~ Bee Good To You!

"I just wanted to tell you that I used my bath bombs and goat/honey soap last night and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Thank you so much! .

Angela A.

Craft show attendee

About Me

Jess Roberts

Creator & Owner of Bee Happy Essentials

I am a NC State Bar Certified Paralegal, mother of a very energetic and loving 11 year old son, wife to an amazing husband and an avid beach lover!

I played volleyball and basketball in college and am a certified CrossFit trainer.  I have a passion for good food, good wine, health,fitness and all things outdoors! 

I believe in taking care of yourself the best you can ~ and this includes using high quality, organic bath, beauty and household products.  I am an essential oil enthusiast and use them every day in a variety of ways!


Bee Happy Essentials can be found at local Farmer's Markets, Craft Fairs, Festivals and online on Facebook.

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